Our Mission

At ARTO, we believe that art is a bridge to people and stories

We believe that art feeds humanity. It is an innate expression of self, stories and community. This is why ARTO invests in and explores different ways to connect audiences with art, to inspire, inform, and entertain.

Our team is building a world where anyone can engage with art in the comfort of their everyday, and to build a community of art champions where folks like you can consume and support the art you love, the way you like.

Meet Our Team

Photo of ARTO founder, Belinda Ang

Belinda Ang

Business, Strategy, Marketing & other boring stuff

Photo of ARTO founder, Joyce Toh

Joyce Toh

Artists, Editorials, Curation and other fun stuff

Photo of ARTO developer, Shantha


Leads up the hardcore coding stuff and making sure it works impeccably

Photo of ARTO tech lead, Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav

Leads up the sexy deep tech stuff that no one really understands

Photo of ARTO intern, Abdulhamid Alabbad

Abdulhamid Alabbad

The young hero behind this website who has more talent in his pocket

Photo of ARTO UI/UX Principal Designer, Maciej Balasinski

Maciej Balasinski

Making sure ARTO app looks pretty and a breeze to use

Photo of ARTO UI/UX Designer, Ruchit Mehta

Ruchit Mehta

So that ARTO app is always pretty and a breeze to use

Photo of ARTO Immersive Creative Director, Sparsh Chaudhary

Sparsh Chaudhary

The man building your art extended reality

Photo of ARTO Intern, Maram Altalib

Maram Altalib

She who makes sure you are compliant and using our services legally